The Witch: Yes, It is a “True” Horror Film

Robert Eggers’ The Witch is an indie horror film that takes place in a bleak, winter-gray 1600s New England landscape. Due to one father’s “prideful conceit,” his wife and children also face excommunication from their Puritan town.

When the family settles into their solitary, sparse new home at the forest’s edge, they face potential starvation and the woods’ dark forces as they begin to splinter apart. This hapless family initially consists of a patriarch, his wife, two daughters, three sons, and a dog. The protagonist is not the father, whose sins mark and doom his family as Adam’s corruption tainted humanity, but the eldest daughter, Thomasin. She endures the brunt of her parents’ and siblings’ suspicions as a witch and other devilish threats assault the characters with eerie proficiency.

Source: The artifice