Game of War’s paying players spent an average of $550 on its in-app purchases in 2015

Game of War’s

Game of War players are spending a ton of money, but traditional console gamers still spend more than their mobile counterparts.

The average paying player on mobile spends $86.50 per year on in-app purchases, according to research firm Slice Intelligence. That’s right behind the $91.58 average revenue per paying user (ARPPU) for consoles. That’s a difference of a measly $5, and it explains why developers are aggressively pursuing the smartphone and tablet market. Additionally, certain games have shown that dedicated players will spend way more than that average. Game of War: Fire Age from developer Machine Zone draws an average of $549.69 per paying user. That’s more than any other mobile game, and that’s enough to make the game one of the top-grossing apps in the $34.8 billion gaming business on iOS and Android.

Source: venturebeat