Archer season 7

archer season 7

Archer the TV show is a lot like Sterling Archer the man: charming, more interested in cracking needlessly obscure jokes than in having deep, emotional conversations, and aggressively resistant to change. The show blew up its own premise two years ago for the energetic departure of Archer Vice, before returning to the spy-caper well for a sixth season full of self-referential jokes about how people mostly just want more of the same (give-or-take a toast-hurling robot or two). But through it all, Archer’s core character dynamics—the engine that powers all its CGI action sequences, government assassinations, and drug deals gone wrong—have stayed essentially the same. That’s fine, for the most part—you don’t want your engine suddenly mutating, like some kind of radioactive, corpse-eating pig—but it does suggest a reason why the show has suddenly switched premises (and coasts) yet again: You’ve gotta do something to keep from getting bored.

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